Monday, 4 October 2010

A milestone

When we were little, journeys were measured in two different units; multiples of the journey to Nanny's house in London, and the number of repetitions of our well-loved cassette of Rupert Sings an Hour of Nursery Rhymes. It doesn't sound very promising, but actually, this hour of children's songs linked by a slightly bizarre story is really good! The arrangements are intricate and pretty and orchestrated for a good range of instruments. This tape is why I know three verses of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and why I hear floating counter melodies over all sorts of really simple rhymes.

Nathaniel received a marvellous CD version last Christmas, which Grandpa Beard created from our very old tape, and the sound quality is really rather good. Until recently, Nathaniel hasn't been too bothered about it - happy to listen to it for a bit while he is playing with something, but not really paying attention.

But then, the other day, as we set out to drive to Otley (a reasonably long journey), I put the CD on in the car. Nathaniel was obsolutely rivetted! After about 20 mins, he reqested "One Two again" (the first song on the CD), and so we went back to the beginning and had it all again. By the time we arrived, he was singing along and repeating his favourite bits: "That's not bird! That's my friend Tom!".

A week later, and he sings One, Two Buckle My Shoe ad infinitum, and requests the CD everytime we get into the car. Its a real milestone - no longer are long journeys a cause for concern - we have Rupert!