Saturday, 24 September 2011


Nathaniel had a fine third birthday! Thank you all for your cards and presents.

Ian and I had to be at work on the actual day, but we had cards at breakfast;

And then we both took the afternoon off so that we could do opening of presents;

playing with new toys;

and eating cupcakes (Nathaniel's favourite). In the evening, as per tradition, several of OUR friends came around (also bearing gifts), and we had more cake (thank you Auntie Nimmy):

Nathaniel wasn't impressed with the idea of being sung to (we suspect that he hadn't enjoyed it at nursery that morning), and after much enthusiasm for lighting the candle, he hid under the table. So we abandoned singing, and just ate cake.

Then he went to bed and we all celebrated surviving another year by over-ordering curry!

At the weekend, we had a low-key birthday party - friends and their families over for playing, coffee and cake. It turned into an all-day affair, with people dropping in and out and in again throughout the day, and different people for each meal! It was really nice. Nathaniel didn't get overwhelmed, no-one cried, and everyone had fun.

Auntie Nimmy excelled herself on the cake front:

The bell tent was out in force;

and we made up for being cruel parents and never providing money to go on moving rides outside supermarkets etc by providing a special treat:

It was well used by all ages!

By the evening, everyone was exhausted, happy and generally very merry. Exactly how a birthday should be!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Monday, 19 September 2011

Dance of the Woodlice

Nathaniel very much enjoys being creatures other than little boys. He is very likely at any point in the day to say "I a little owl/cat/dog/bird/earwig", and he'll then let you know that you are a big owl/cat/dog/bird/earwig. You'll often then get a short lecture on his distinguishing features - whether he has fur or feathers, his colour, how he moves, the noise he makes etc etc.

It's all very entertaining.

But my favourite is when he is a little woodlouse. Woodlice dance to Sans Saens' Dance Macabre (of course - you knew that....). This is the bit where they get stuck on their back and wiggle their legs in the air:

It's worrying quite how carefully he has been observing them!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Things that are fun

Scooty biking to nursery in the morning:

Hugging the baked apples:

Nathaniel loves baked apples, and tells them so every time we make them:"I like you baked apples - you are very spicy and tasty".