Friday, 30 August 2013

Here be dragons

As some of you may know, Nathaniel has mostly been intersted in castles and knights for the last few months. And then the arrival of The Reluctant Dragon heralded a new obsession - dragons.

We have been playing scary/friendly dragons ad infinitum.

So when I stumbled across, in the most evil of multinationals, a costume, it had to be had.

I don't think he's taken it off since it arrived!

The rest of the summer

In brief..... We made friends in pub gardens

And by rivers.

Nathaniel practised writing in order to be able to write his name by the time he started school (he succeeded!).

We climbed and swung and slid and relaxed.

We read,

And played instruments,

And baked

We had fun!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Summer holidays

It's been busy so far, and we're all a bit tired:

But here are some highlights: Going for walks in various outfits with various wheeled vehicles:


Looking at motorbikes in great detail at the steam fair:

Playing dressing up (though I don't think that shops generally encourage it!):


(I have tried to be a good Steiner parent and provide open-ended art activities, but even with me modeling interesting projects, they are only interested in some paint and blank paper for a maximum of two and a half minutes. But when they found the magic painting books they were suddenly enthralled and spent hours at it! I might give up trying to nurture their creative side and admit that we have created two scientists!)

Counting our vast fortune:



Also (not pictured), making "machines" in the living room (all called Bertha), hosepiping, sandpitting, more swinging, balloons, drawing. And there have been some stupendous camping trips, a little foray into France and one rather big wedding. More to come when we have another minute.........