Sunday, 14 October 2007

More mist

The BBC lies! They said that it would be white cloud with sun, and it really wasn't!

But first thing in the morning, we didn't realise that they were being so unrealistic and so decided to go for a walk at Sutton Bank (a steep inland cliff-thing). We managed to forget the camera, which means that we have no more pictures of us disappearing into the mist, but if we had remembered it, we would have taken pictures of:

- highland cattle with big horns and shaggy fringes looking at us in a bemused fashion
- gorse bushes covered in millions of spiders' webs glittering with water droplets
- the ruins of Byland Abbey emerging from the mist
- the lack of visibilty on Sutton Bank
- tiny little chapel built in the middle of nowehere to commemerate four Ampleforth students killed in the war
- the white horse eclipsed by the mist
- several rather nice looking pubs

Our walk:

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