Saturday, 9 February 2008


It has finally been proved - the summit of Inglebrough is in the same world as the bottom! Having never seen anything further than 3 feet ahead of us at the top, we were in doubt that it was actually in the same reality - it could quite possibly have been some misty no-mans land between our world and another! But today, the sun the shining the forecast was good, and so we headed up.

We can see it!

It was pretty exciting just to be able to see where we were going for a change, and we discovered lots of things about the trail from Horton like, the stone we stop to eat at is pretty much right at the bottom of the last climb up to the top (not a good walk away as we thought!), you can see the ribblehead viaduct and it looks very fine, Penyghent has cool stryations all the way down the side.

View from the top

It was a lovely walk - the sun was warm (easy to forget it is February), and everything looked shiny and colourful. There was hardly any mud (apart from the bog which I sunk most of my boot into), and not too many people. Perfect.

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