Saturday, 12 January 2008

Wuthering around

Its official – I no longer believe the BBC weather – or any weather forecast for that matter. It promised sun today – a big yellow, round sun on the forecast with hints of high cloud here and there if you looked at the satellite picture.

As Jim and Vicki and Ian and I drove around the Leeds ring road, the sky was leaden and big fat raindrops fell on us! Mikey and Roo walked from Keighley train station to Haworth, so we escaped the rain with a cup of tea in a good old traditional tea shop and salivated over their menu – beans on toast, Yorkshire Pudding filled with sausages and onion gravy.

When Mikey and Roo arrived we set off up onto Haworth moor and had lunch in a sheltered spot in the Penistone Country Park. Then we strode across to the Bronte waterfalls and up along the Pennine Way to Top Withins, supposedly the inspiration for Wuthering Heights. It was a really good wuthering day – not really raining, just spitting occasionally, but a good thick layer of monochromatic cloud. The light was really good and all the heather and grasses stood out in colour.

Penistone Country Park in the drizzle

When we got back to Haworth, 7.5 miles later, we bought lemon bon bons, strawberry sherbets and sour apples from the brilliant sweet shop, and had a good pint of Deuchers and Fine Fettle. Not exactly a long walk, but very pleasant!

Climbing up from the stream as the sun goes down

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