Sunday, 31 August 2008

More DIY

I think the parents felt a little guilty for helping us destroy the hall, as it has become apparent that pigs will fly before we manage to get it redecorated! So this weekend they came to help us sort it out. Except we hadn't managed to get it to a stage where it could be sorted out in a weekend!

But we did manage lots of really useful things! Mf made us wonderful curtains for Picard's room, and we all helped hem them - you wouldn't think it was a four person job....

Everyone has to help with curtain measuring!

Ian and FF did an amazing job on the ceiling of the hall and now at least there is no wallpaper left at all.

But most importantly, we bought a very complicated 10-position ladder which impersonates a stick insect before folding down to something eminently storable, and allows us to get into the loft properly!

Ian (blurry!) in the loft for the first time!

We put in some proper boards and suddenly, there was room to store all the boxes of rubbish that have been inhabiting the study for the last three years. Now we can put them up there, forget all about them, and only realise what a lot of junk we keep when either we move house or the loft is full! The only downside (or maybe an upside) of this new game, is that my very pregnant stomach won't fit through the rather narrow loft hatch!

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