Friday, 3 October 2008


Many moons ago we collected a travel bug from the deep south and had every intention of dropping it off somewhere in Leeds in the hope that a slight;y more ethnically diverse location would aid it in its quest to get to India. And I did try! Several lunch times saw a shifty looking pregnant woman prowling St George's Field with a GPS. But there were always far to many pesky students around for me to actually locate the cache, and so the bug is still with us.

We realised that this wasn't really on, so we made the most of today's glorious autumnal weather to introduce Nathaniel to geocaching. Admittedly, he fell asleep in his buggy minutes after we left the house, but we enjoyed an easy find in a little out of the way graveyard which we knew off but had never been into, and a lovely sunshiny walk.

Nathaniel finds his fist geocache (its rather camoflagued against his buggy)

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