Saturday, 29 November 2008

9 weeks old

Its been a fun week. On Monday we went on a cold walk with some friends along the solar system to Bishopthorpe. We braved dazzling sun and driving sleety rain and so when we got to Bishopthorpe we felt that we deserved a cup of tea at one of the pubs. That quickly turned into lunch (with a very fine pint of Bombardier), and the babies sat contentedly and made faces at all the little old ladies!

Clothes again!

On Friday we had coffee with four different sets of babies/toddlers and their parents, and so to celebrate our social whirlwind, we made raisin cakes! Actually, Nathaniel decided to have a 20 minute snooze and I figured that that was just enough time to make cakes and so prioritised cake over washing up. A very sensible decision!


A highlight of the week was Nathaniel deciding to sleep until 5:15am. Thats 9 hours sleep! He can do that again whenever he fancies! Obviously he hasn't repeated it!

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