Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Difficulty with toys

Over Christmas Nathaniel learnt how to pick stuff up, and so for a while we spent hours passing him toys which he waved around for a bit and then dropped. But now he has moved on - everthing has to be put in his mouth so that he can lick it, bite it and generally explore. This means that we have a house full of soggy toys, but has also given rise to a whole new level of frustration, as Nathaniel can't reliably get toys to his mouth! He is just as likely to bash himself around the head, poke himself in the eye or just tantalisingly graze his lips with the toy as actually get it in his mouth and so play time disolves into crying pretty quickly!

This also means that gone are the times when we could just put him on the play mat and he would entertain himself for twenty minutes, happy bashing the various hanging animals. Now he grabs them and desperately tries to insert them into his mouth which is difficult as they are suspended on rather short tethers above his head! Cue more crying!

But he is greatly enjoying his toys, as long as they can be licked and sucked!

This giraffe is very soggy!

"I'm sure I can just push them all in!"

Some things just aren't great for babies

If all else fails, there are always fingers

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