Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Perks of the Job II

It was warm and sunny today, so we went on a trip to Knaresborough with Esther and Maisie! We had so much fun! We wandered around the town and admired old churches and antique shops full of interesting wooden things, and then walked along the river and had a picnic. This is what maternity leave is all about!!!

All set for an adventureThe viaduct
The picnicMaisie takes a likeing to Nathaniel's hat

Nathaniel is not so sure about Maisie's hat but eats pear anyway!

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James Dutson said...

You know, your not making a lot of friends from us men!!! Nothing quite beats the inside of the lab on a sunny April day. There was an interesting comment this week too:

I'm so pleased to see you making the most of it though, we're all jealous.