Wednesday, 24 June 2009

New experiences

Today was our friend Madeleine's first birthday, so Nathaniel and I joined her at Creepy Crawlies to celebrate. Creepy Crawlies is the sort of place that you should never take The Beard to! It is a big industrial hanger filled with soft play equipment in a giant multi-level cage. It is really good fun, but the smell of the junk food served at the canteen area mixes with the echoing yells of the children, and combined with the bright colours of all the crash mats, it can only be described as an assault on the senses! Nathaniel enjoyed it immensley, and particularly liked the big slide. He looked worried all the way down, but grinned and waved his arms with excitement when we got to the bottom each time!

After lunch we went outside to where all the animals were and Nathaniel made friends with a pony named Fudge who proceeded to nip his toe! Nathaniel was not impressed, but was still keen to go back for more!

Then we went to the sand pit and Nathaniel had his first sand experience. He found it gritty with a bitter taste and wasn't too bothered by it. He watched the older children with great interest and a hint of perplexion.

When it was time to leave, Nathaniel discovered something that was almost as good as swinging - shopping trolleys! Its hard to describe quite how fun he found riding in the child seat as opposed to the baby seat!

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