Monday, 27 September 2010


Nathaniel had a great birthday week. Despite us all being very busy, me having the most ridiculously hellish week at work, all of us (except Nathaniel) having a stomach bug that made us extremely bad company for 24 hours, and manic preparations for a birthday party, we all had lots of fun.

Thank you everyone for your lovely cards and presents!

Nathaniel moved up into the big children's room at nursery with great enthusiasm and is generally enjoying romping about with new and complicated toys and reading endless books. He shows limited interest in coming home with us at the end of the day!

The birthday party was a roaring sucess (sorry no pictures, as they all have other children in), and the piece de resistance was Nimmy! Her baking was much admired and commented on, and I'm still getting texts of congratulations for her!

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