Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A big improvement

Its been a tedious week. Post-viral Nathaniel involves a great deal of inexplicable crying. Our only clues to the sources are garbled words muffled by sobs; "Mummy not move trains", "Not want a nap", "Not Tuesday. Is Wednesday!". Its all been rather tiresome.

But then today, when he came home from nursery, suddenly everything was better. Nathaniel marched to the fridge, removed a box of eggs and declared "Want eggs for supper please". On closer questioning he revealed that they should be scrambled, and he got out a pan and tried his hardest to crack the eggs. He helped me stir them on the cooker and then proceeded to sit an eat the whole lot as well as most of a slice of toast ("cut in triangles please"), before politely requesting that I go and scramble another egg.

He's like a new child!

Nathaniel with his scrambled eggs

He declined to smile, favouring the serious look!

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