Friday, 17 June 2011

Nathaniel Gym

In the last couple of weeks, Nathaniel has show progressively less interest in playing with toys or reading books. Instead, he has run around in circles, faster and faster.

After a bit of thought, we realised that he was obviously going through a new developmental stage, one that was all about physical energy and coordination. Indeed, he is now a whizz at the assault course in the park, and although he still runs like a 14 month old (it's really funny - he looks ridiculous!), he's started to get much better at changing direction quickly.

So this morning Ian invented a new game - Nathaniel Gym. He turned on loud 70s rock (nothing like over-stimulation to wear out a toddler), and then romped around the living room for 90 minutes until Ian couldn't stand up!

The pictures are rather blurry - there wasn't a lot of staying still!

Everyone had a good nap!

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