Friday, 22 July 2011

Flower art

Nathaniel gets lots of oportunities to be creative with music and outside games and stories, but I'm always aware that I'm not great with the visual art thing. And interestingly, he is far less bothered about drawing and painting and colouring than most of the children that I know. But I maintain that that is probably my fault, so I have been trying to inject some more arty activities into our days.

Leaf rubbing didn't go well. I carefully prepared sheets of paper covering interestingly textured and shaped leaves while he was napping, and then encouraged him to rub them with crayons to reveal the interesting shapes. He enjoyed unsticking my bits of paper, gathering the bluetack that I had used to stick down the leaves, and using it to pick up different items in the house - discovering that heavy things will stretch and break the blu-tack. Never let it be said that my son is not a scientist!

But our leaf-art today was much more sucessful. After a good nap (always a promising way to start any activity!), Nathaniel and I scoured the garden for interesting leaves and flowers. We spent some time playing inside the hedge in Nathaniel's new den, and collected quite a range of flora. When we were chilly (it was surprisingly cold for July today), we went inside and made flower-art on the kitchen door.

I think that they are rather pretty!

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