Saturday, 6 August 2011

Pickering Steam Fair

Several years ago, we decided to take various family members on a jolly on the North York Moors, but found ourselves sitting in the world's longest traffic jam just before Pickering. This was our first introduction to the famous Pickering Steam Rally.

Several years on, we now have a use for it! Nathaniel has been talking about steam tractors ever since his recent visit to a steam fair, so we thought that we'd brave the traffic (we set off very early!), and see some more.

We were not put off by the horrendous weather forecast, and were rewarded with lots of steam tractors! Nathaniel was in his element.

Threshing and grinding machines with examples of the cereals before and after. N thinks that they all make weetabix.

The levels of smoke were amazing. With the low, thick cloud, we started to appreciate the true smogginess of Dickens.

I enjoyed meeting Mrs Preston of Prestons of Potto. She was wearing wonderful sandals with gold toenails. I bet she didn't last the whole day!

We spent a vast quantity of time at the fairground, most of it with Nathaniel carefully observing the rides both when stationary and moving. This was the only one that he was actually interested in going on.

Note the concentrating face!

We found our way to the main arena via many stalls containing matchbox cars and tractors and watched tractors and steam engines, and let the rain do it's worst.

A machine that scoops up hay bales.

Then as the heavens opened and thunder rolled, we reverted to the classic rainy day activity - splashing in puddles!

On the way back we found the helicopter (giving rides to those with a budget geared to more than the occasional doughnut from the sweet van), grounded because of the rain. And they were nice enough to let us have a good look.

We were very wet when we got back to the car, and Nathaniel was asleep before we left the carpark, but it was a very fun day!

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