Monday, 19 September 2011

Dance of the Woodlice

Nathaniel very much enjoys being creatures other than little boys. He is very likely at any point in the day to say "I a little owl/cat/dog/bird/earwig", and he'll then let you know that you are a big owl/cat/dog/bird/earwig. You'll often then get a short lecture on his distinguishing features - whether he has fur or feathers, his colour, how he moves, the noise he makes etc etc.

It's all very entertaining.

But my favourite is when he is a little woodlouse. Woodlice dance to Sans Saens' Dance Macabre (of course - you knew that....). This is the bit where they get stuck on their back and wiggle their legs in the air:

It's worrying quite how carefully he has been observing them!

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