Thursday, 22 December 2011


We discovered a useful thing last week - we'll be able to use our favourite new toy earlier than we thought!

We bought the trailer knowing that it was going to be a while before Thea would be able to go in it. Even with the baby sling, she'd need to be at least 3 months before she could cope with the bumps. But on reading the info that came with the sling, we discovered that actually they recommend that you can use it from a month if you just walk with it. So now we have a double buggy!

We celebrated by using it to go for a foraging trip to the woods. Nathaniel was very keen to go and got quite grumpy that it took us so long to get Dorothea installed and appropriately wrapped up!

But everyone was jolly by the time we got to the sunny woods. Nathaniel and I took to the holly bushes with secateurs.

Then a friendly gentleman who was out to watch birds told us about a big bush covered in berries, so we headed there via pine cones and ivy.

Lots of fun was had!

When we got home, we released the tree from its netting and got to work installing it and decorating.

Most of the house is now covered in holly and ivy. Nathaniel spent some time in the garden collecting ivy (more secateurs always leads to a fun game!) and twigs, and Ian and I have done artistic things!

It's a shame it can't stay decorated all year.

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