Friday, 19 October 2012


Nathaniel attends a music group which he really enjoys. Recently they have been doing a good deal of xylophone playing and Nathaniel has been desperate to play. (Check out the marimba ponies on YouTube to see what he's wanting to do).

He was overjoyed to find a music set at the toy bus, but in my stupidity I didn't think to check that the xylophone actually worked, so now we have a xylophone which has its longest bar making a higher note that one of the shorter ones (?!), and three bars making that same note.

It hasn't deterred Nathaniel from making music though. This is his rendition of Hickory Dickory Dock. He worked it all out in advance and then asked me to sing it. The chimes are played during the words "hickory dickory", the triangle is for the clocked striking one (or two or three), the xylophone is used for the mouse running up and down (except due to the previously mentioned disabilities of the instrument, its not really clear when its going up or down), and for the tick tock.

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