Saturday, 19 January 2013


There's been snow on the ground for a about a week now, but it's been a bit token, and the most interesting aspect has been the ice. Nathaniel has been filling up sawn up milk cartons in order to create interesting pieces of ice to play with and then taking great delight in destroying them!

The snow proper (sort of), came today and so we thought we better go and enjoy it while it lasted. We took the sledge and Nathaniel insisted that he also needed a wheel barrow, which spent most of the outing being a snow-powered train. This necessitated much filling, emptying and refilling.

We found a suitable slope on the moor and prepared ourselves. Thea wasn't desperately interested.

Then Nathaniel gave them a big push off...

And Thea thought it was brilliant!

Of course, it was impossible to take a photo when she was still enough to not be a blur and also pulling her happy, grinny face! So here's another one that's in focus for those who like photos of Ian and Thea.

Thea's reaction to the whole thing was to get back onto the sledge and sit down firmly, which we regarded as a sucess, even if she did do this at the bottom of the hill instead of the top. Nathaniel was pretty happy too, but he remembers the much better snow and much steeper slopes of last year, so contented himself mainly with dealing with the snow-train.

We decided to head home before people started to feel cold, and although everyone was still grinning while they were whizzed up and down the bumps on the way back, we couldn't get a photo with everyone smiling!

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