Sunday, 22 September 2013


As you are all mostly aware, Nathaniel is very interested in castles at the moment, so it seemed like a great idea to celebrate his birthday by visiting one. Jim and Vicki identified Bolton Castle in Wensleydale as the best, on the ground of having a lot left of it, wild boars and a maze, and so off we went.

It was very fine! We spent ages exploring the different areas and discovering about blacksmiths, and armour and threshing rooms. It was a wonderfully windy but sunny day and so it was strangely warm (in the sun), cold (in the castle) and windswept (everywhere).

The kids had fun running around and finding interesting places to climb and hide, including a very fine dragon cage.

The maze was surprisingly complicated despite being quite small.

We learnt about owls and watched them fly;

And had a go at archery (except for Nathaniel who wasn't interested in organised fun with an audience!).

And listened to medieval music.

And of course there was lots of tasty cake eating, tea drinking and scenery enjoying.

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