Sunday, 6 October 2013

New toys

In honour of the warmth and sun (the last this year?), we cycled down to the sailing club today.

New toys awaited us when we arrived:

The marvellous committee had successfully persuaded Sport England to give us some serious money and bought two RS Visions with it. (Yes, I know you would have bought something more interesting, Father, but they will be useful for the training course)

Everyone got involved in the game of rigging them, apart from Nathaniel who prefers things that are a bit more old school.

And then they were out on the water.

They're actually not that bad! Handle like slugs, but the spinnaker's fun, and we get to play with a gnav (look it up!).

Nathaniel carefully and successfully helmed the safety round a course and avoided other boats, buoys, ducks etc, and then derigged M's oppy for her.

Thea wasn't impressed with any boats and asked, tearfully, to be taken "back the jetty, please" when we took her for a spin in the safety boat. She found better things to do....

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Anonymous said...

Well - this is a first - a comment on the daughter blog. There's nothing really wrong with the RS Vision - we chose the Topper/Topaz Argo once we had compared the Laser 2000, Vision and Argo.

We found the tiller on the Vision a little heavy and the weatherhelm grew quickly when heeled. In contrast found the Argo slightly lighter and more responsive.

We too have Sport England to thank for our new Argos.