Sunday, 3 November 2013

Half term

We were very ready for half term, and I think that were at least 4 days when Nathaniel didn't even get dressed! Of course, thanks to the dragon suit, that didn't prevent us from leaving the house. We had friends to play, and lots of cake and lots of fun.

For some reason, the favourite toy was the travel cot, and both children spent many hours pretending to be children. Fortunately, they are both now tall enough to get in and out of the cot without help so they attended to themselves for some time.

We did autumn crafts, starting from an interest in cobwebs. We made cobwebs out of wool;

and then with oil pastels on dark paper. Then we made firework pictures.

There was lots of baking. The chocolate crispies didn't last very long.

But there was some gingerbread left for Ian.

We had a trip to get Thea's feet measured which included exciting coffee and cake out,

and playing in horrid shopping centre plastic.

The sandpit got lots of use and we made lots and lots of japanese rock gardens with rakes and pebbles and shells.

On Halloween, we went to the butcher and Sean presented both children with chocolates which prompted this dance,

which was rewarded with a round of applause from inside the butchers!

At the end of the week we had an exciting trip out to a restaurant,

followed by visiting the A4 exhibition at the NRM, lit up as part of Iluminating York festival.

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