Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Its not that we haven't been up to much, its more that we seem to spend a lot of time getting to places at the minute - getting ready to go to school, going to school, going to the next place, getting back, going back to school, coming home again - and so photos don't get taken, and the blog doesn't get updated.

But here are a few things that we got up to this weekend:

A double scooty bike ride to Acomb.

We were valiently waiting for Thea to grow enough so that she could reach the ground and ride Nathaniel's old scooty bike, when a friend lent us a smaller model! So now they can both ride at the same time, which is great, because no matter how much Nathaniel enjoys his pedal bike and his scooter, he still loves a good scooty bike! This was Thea's first outing, and although she wasn't truly gliding, she was doing much more than just walking her feet along. It'll only be a couple more outings before she is totally balanced.


Which suffered from the afore-mentioned lack of photos. Nathaniel has declared that we must sort out the front garden, which isn't a bad idea, because it is a small space and therefore a bit less daunting than the jungle that is the back garden. We've always intended to put some veg beds out here, so the first stage is slash and burning, or in this case, removing several tonnes of weeds, gravel and rockery stones. We are on our way......

Thea has started to enjoy a bit of cooking and so she and I made a fish pie,

While Nathaniel and Ian watched a short video about galaxies and then drew their own.

And other stuff:

Sharing yoghurt out of an unfeasibly tiny tub:

Making, and then endlessly taking, two registers that closely resemble the registers (attendance and lunch preference) at school:

Making sticky-back-plastic-flower-things:

Playing in the woods:

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