Thursday, 13 March 2014


Families are encouraged to use the school library after school, and as I am totally unable to resist the lure of a library (a trait which I have also managed to pass on to the children), we go there frequently. I look at the books (they have a great selection of 1970s-90s puffins - much better than the town library!), Nathaniel chooses and issues his books, and then he and Thea play with the ladybirds.

They aren't very exciting ladybirds - just basic circular cushions, but there is a big pile of them, and the kids love them. Nathaniel wanted to adopt one, so we took it one step further - we made one. Sorry - he made one:

Its called Cicely. He's (don't ask.....) had lots of adventures. But none of them documented photographically yet.

Watch this space.

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