Tuesday, 22 April 2014


It seemed slightly mad, going to Grinshill a couple of days before the funeral, but it was such a good idea. Jollyness, fires and two excited children running around increased the level of cheer.

We camped in the paddock and made ourselves at home!

A giant fire was made, and enjoyed, and both children now use the phrase "raging inferno" with considerable glee!

It was still going the next day which led to a warm and cosy half hour with a book for me!

Nathaniel was very pleased to find an old friend, and he and Thea devised some new games. Its only been 8 months since the wedding, but Thea is now much more able to play these sort of games which is a good thing for everyone!

James was keen to revisit Acton Scott, a working Victorian farm, so we braved the arctic winds and attended their first day of the season. Dorothea was pleased to get her third chicken fix in two weeks and spend some time happily trying to feed them twigs. We were in the right place at the right time and so were able to follow Alan around and grind grain into flour:

And make rope from straw:

And help make a cart wheel:

And hold 3-day-old chicks with tickly feet:

(I wish I had a photo that captured the look of shear joy that was on Nathaniel's face for most of this experience. He positively glowed!)

And watch Dusty the donkey (not pictured!) work the pump to raise water from the well to the irrigation tank. And then try ourselves:

And feed the lambs:

And the calves:

Not bad eh?

On Easter Day, most of us slept too late for church (despite the hourly encouragement from the church bells!), and two children wouldn't be parted with their breakfast which a thoughtful Easter Bunny had suplemented with treats (Thank you Christine!), but after lunch we donned waterproofs (of course!), for Nimmy's elaborate egg hunt which included several re-hiding sessions, lurid fluffy chicks (beloved of Thea), and collecting of complex clues!

There was much rejoicing!

It was a lovely weekend, albeit rather over-exciting!

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