Monday, 12 January 2015


I'm not saying that walking hasn't been useful, but for us, getting the kids on bikes has been the most useful exercise for promoting real life! And Thea has now joined our happy gang. Here's her first attempt last week on a bike that is at least 2 inches too big for her:

She can't really reach the ground, but when she needs to stop, she's developed a safe-falling mechanism where she sticks one leg out at 45 degrees and then falls until her foot hits the ground! Very entertaining, but hardly safe.

We've borrowed a smaller bike for her, but the dimensions are all wrong and she can't pedal it without tipping herself off the saddle. These problems don't seem to bother her - she's happy on her far too big bike! Today she cycled to school and we collected Nathaniel and a friend and they all cycled back together. I had to jog along side to save Thea in case of unexpected dogs/youff, but this didn't seem to limit her enjoyment.

And her and Finn are having a whale of a time:
She just needs to grow.......

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