Sunday, 22 February 2015

Half term

Never let it be said that I don't over project manage my kids.

Here is Nathaniel's response to the first verse of the Jabberwocky:

You may not be able to see hiding amongst the wabe, the two poisonous snakes, Gyre and Gimble. But they are there, with their "piercing eyes".

In fact, drawing has been a bit of a theme this week:

And some good old-fashioned wax-resist painting:

We've also indulged in a good lot of craft. Mainly of the kit variety:

What do you mean, you don't know what it is?!

We've hung out with friends and taken them cycling on the moor (clearly), and done more craft. This time, sewing on plates:

Of course, there has been much recreation of the BMX bandits, under 7 style!

And when they weren't on bikes, they were making fires(!):

There have been a multitude of woods. We played extensive hide and seek by the pond:

And then gathered a gang of conveniently met friends who suggested fish and chips!

We tried to go geocaching at Skipwith Common

Which would have been more successful if I hadn't left the list of caches on the kitchen table. But we had fun anyway disturbing frog spawn, climbing trees and investigating old bunkers.

We took a sunny bike ride to the shops and found ourselves an unexpected apple tree which led to some gardening:

And poor Ian has missed it all! All he has done is eat tasty pinxos in San Sebastian and go skiing. It's a hard life! Fortunately the kids have been great in his absence and seem to have finally learnt that I am not a morning person. They cheerfully get up and serve themselves breakfast while they wait for me to surface! This morning they decided to have a picnic!

Yes, it's been a good half term!

Modelling their most beloved badges: "I love maths and it's applications". (FF: bet you could get a prize from the IMA for that picture!)

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