Sunday, 11 October 2015

Roseberry Topping

Its a good time of year for tramping up hills, so we joined some friends to climb Roseberry Topping. In an effort to make it a winge-free exercise, we went for the quick, steep route, which was lots of fun.

The first bit was up very steep woodland steps which the kids bounded up like rabbits.

And then up the side of the hill along dry stone steps. I love walking along stone paths - something about not wading in mud makes them so much more enjoyable. This is definitely the result of childhood walks always involving paths with 3 inches of mud at the bottom of them.

There were lots of opportunities to stop and admire the view, but on the whole the kids pressed on at a most gratifying speed. Something about being able to see the top I think....

And then we were there. And the sun came out! (And Nathaniel took off his Inuit costume)

We took a different way down and played in the woods and then dragged out the stove and a massive cauldron of sausage stew - very tasty.

And that was that - a most acceptable day.

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