Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Thea three-cakes

Thea has had a lovely birthday. Thank you for all her wonderful gifts and cards. We started the day with pancakes filled with bananas and honey:

Then we had fun opening presents:

And then the day turned into a Tuesday and we ran around getting to school and kindergarten and work and things. But Thea was a happy person.

That afternoon we had cake. The first of three. Thea had asked for a pink cake, a lemon cake and a chocolate cake with jelly beans on. So we celebrated with F and co with a raspberry and white chocolate cake. And it was tasty. Very tasty.

Next day it was Thea's celebration at kindergarten. I got to come along to hear her story and see the candles being lit. She chose throne material and her cape and was jolly. And she took lemon cake to share.

Next week we have the party, well, gathering. And the last cake.......

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