Friday, 8 April 2016

Easter Holidays

As ever, everyone was tired and needed a good holiday. But we still managed to fit in lots of fun.

It started with Thea's cello concert which was great fun.

Much less formal than the recorder concerts (thank goodness), and much shorter. Thea played "The Mouse in the House" and we were proud of her - playing solos when you are 4 is not a bad position to be in. She looked a little like a rabbit in headlights, but she tells us that she enjoyed herself!

There was, of course, the aforementioned Clangers workshop, but lots of fun in York as well. The pump track was well utilised, firstly just with Nathaniel and Thea who zoomed around too fast to photograph effectively:

And then with friends:

The kids did important things such as naming the hoovers and then introducing their new friends to the Pink Panther.

There was also compulsory Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs. For two days straight!

We headed down south for Scary-Aunt-Jenni's wedding and had fun taking silly photos of Jenni pretending to be snooty:

But it was really just another opportunity to play with young Ellliottt!

And two other people we rather like:

We found soft play at the reception venue and had much fun:
And there were animals....

Another day, we went into Oxford to one of my favourite places (again) and romped around the Natural History Museum examining bears, and round the Pitt Rivers searching for mice and looking at weapons! The makings of a great day.

And Granny Janni may well have continued a bit of a tradition....

It was Easter, so we did some Eastery things too. Craft (mostly unphotographed) and a lucrative egg hunt with F and co, complete with chocolate eating on a trampoline:

Yep - definitely fitted sufficient activity in!

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