Thursday, 28 July 2016


N has just finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the first time, and so the house is in a new phase - the Harry Potter Phase. We also had the book on tape, so with that plus bedtime stories, Thea has enjoyed it too and so is quite ready to be Nathaniel's accomplice.

Yesterday, their focus was mostly on spells. They obtained appropriate wands and considered the description that Mr Olivander would give them. "No Thea, that's far too springy for a unicorn hair wand". Then they looked up the two best described spells - floating stuff and the body bind curse, and practised them at length. Nathaniel was very pleased to find that his etymology was coming in handy - by total coincidence we had been dicussing the root "petro" in petrify, Petroc etc only last week. Then they wrote a whole page of new spells combining elements of the others eg petrificus peditus was to lock feet from moving.

Today they played Harry and Ron at Christmas, including guest appearances from Peeves, Hermione and Dumbledore (imaginary) and Snape (me). Then they decided that they needed wand cases, and Nathaniel found some material left over from his school project of sewing a sun hat and created a pattern. We decided to use the sewing machine to make it quicker.....

 And now they both have wand cases with twisty-wisties for the draw string!

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