Monday, 13 March 2017


Ahh, yes, the blog. I remember that. I'm not entirely sure what has been happening since September which has prevented us from updating it, but I'm sure that it was all encompassing and rewarding (not rewatching the whole of the Gilmore Girls from beginning to end). I'll try to recap a bit, but let's face it, I'm unlikely to manage it!

So I'll start simply - with last week. Wasn't exciting, but when was this blog ever exciting?!

There was much business over the weekend where we managed to fit in a choir rehearsal, a group recorder lesson and spring cleaning the school playground. N managed a good hour of pressure washing the desking in the nature area before I took him off to choir with a rather mud - splattered face!

Afterwards, he was desperate to come back and take over from D whose group cello lesson had been cancelled, so she had had a whole morning of pressure washing! N and Ian proceeded to grafitti the playground under the watchful eye of the headmaster!

I made trips to the tip with a car full of tree prunings and was back in time to take N to recorder after which the kids sprung around the Dean's Garden in a most photogenic manner.

Next day the kids were taken off to the beach by some insane kind friends, so we were left with a day to ourselves! We used it well. First to the sailing club for more spring cleaning....

...and then to hang out in a very 2005 style with J and V and R. We ate food, drank tea, read the newspaper and had great fun making increasingly strong coffee with Jim's fancy coffee creation device.

Very rock'n'roll.

On Wednesday, the Barbarellas sung for a storytelling event as part of International Women's Day. I was very proud of my rendition of a American civil war housewife who dies dramatically half way through a song. And I only forgot the words once!

Then, for complicated reasons, we ended up opening up West Bank Park in the sun at 7am on Thursday morning. It was heavenly! Almost sufficiently so to make me want to be an early bird (rather than some sort of comatose pigeon). We had a quick romp with friends around the pond to look at the frog spawn and throw sticks around before breakfast.

On Friday, D was awarded the weekly trophy at hockey. Might well have been something to do with the fact that she spent the whole session running at top speed with a grin as wide as her face! She definitely deserves an award for enthusiasm!

And the next weekend was full up with my playing in a string group all saturday morning - we had great fun playing the Albinoni Adagio for strings and organ with an organ sound on a poncy keyboard which sounded like Count Duckula! And more choir for N and parties to attend for D (this week it was ten-pin bowling. My idea of hell!). And it was all rounded off by a one-man play about an orphan (Tommy Foggo) and his adventures in the deep with his cello. Yes. Really. And it was presented in one end of a bike shop.

It could only happen in York.

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