Sunday, 30 July 2017

July 2

So at last the end of term arrived. And there was much rejoicing.

It was pretty sad saying goodbye to Mr Knowles who has been an ideal headteacher, but we are told that the new (mystery) head, who'll be starting in January (Miss Bennett is in charge until then), will be as keen on all the good bits that Mr K was good at.

Thea is tired, but proud of herself for completing her first year.

If we were at all interested in what the DfE thinks children should achieve in class reception, then we'd be incredibly proud of what her report said. As it is, we think she is just the most amazing, inventive, generous, adventurous, intelligent, hard working, thoughtful, determined, imaginative and emotionally mature little person!

We celebrated the end of term with pizza in front of the first Harry Potter film,

And now the holidays are well underway.

Ian has been working hard in Siracasa,

And we've been doing some serious playing and appreciating of the british summer weather! Day one involved children disappearing into some woods while their parents sheltered from the rain and walked briskly to keep warm.

Day two involved more running in different woods with different friends,

while I found down-wind positions behind trees to enjoy my book and coffee in relative dry.

And then they cooked.

We had mexican food with friends last night (and a very late night!), and today we hit the river. There was quite a lot of river (see previous comments on the rain levels), and one of the jetties was totally submerged, necessitating a group effort in launching the boats into the current (!) one at a time, with the smallest crews already in position.

But the wind was brisk and all children had lots of fun whizzing around. I was ballast for N which meant I could attempt to take photos of everyone.

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