Monday, 19 February 2018

Half term 2

And then there were more normal things. Thea made butter by shaking cream.

Nathaniel spent the day in Durham playing hockey.

Thea played with friends.

And the then Nathaniel and I spent the weekend at the Birmingham Conservatoire playing recorders. We enjoyed our journey by train (which was definitely part of the adventure, especially when you have a book of logic puzzles to entertain you!) and then Nathaniel and the other York kids did a sterling job at rehearsing with Conservatoire students until 8:30 at night.

We were playing Matilda (Walter Bergman), complete with percussion, and The Shepherdess, a new composition written around the strangest and naffest fairy story found in Walter Bergmans' papers after he died. It was great fun. Nathaniel learnt a lot about counting bars and playing atonal music, and I learnt treble fingering!

We stayed in a hotel over night with friends and they got to watch TV at 7am, which was a massive highlight for them! They also discovered that there were linked ventilation gratings that they could talk through.....

Then we did more rehearsals and then met Granny Janni and Grandpa Beard and played a concert in the afternoon. It was exhausting, but pretty amazing, and Nathaniel seemed to really enjoy it!

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