Thursday, 8 May 2008


At long last the Wednesday evening sailing season started today, and our boat got to see the river for the first time since August! Typically, it was a standard summer Wednesday evening - warm and balmy and with a slight breeze in our yard. But on the river there was little to no wind, and a couple of boats didn't really get over the start line!

We made the wise decision of not going very far downstream of the start line and so we were able to inch up towards the upstream/upwind buoy. It only took about 25 minutes and we only covered each tack on average 3 times! An expert in Rule 42 may been slightly put out, but our roll tacking was second to none! The drift back down stream was remarkably fast and I blame the position of the RS200 (stationary by the mark) for us not then returning upwind at the same speed! As it was, we joined the RS in slowly drifting backwards until the idea of having actually rounded the buoy was but a dream!

It wouldn't be a Wednesday afternoon if there wasn't a good bit of paddling!

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