Saturday, 31 May 2008


Its Pete’s birthday next week, so we spent today in Harrogate celebrating. It was great to see people that we only see rarely, especially Matt and Em and James and Beth who had all made the journey up from the south.

We spent the afternoon in Harrogate’s Valley Gardens, a Grade II listed park. We played lots of frisbee and tried out crazy golf. There were several holes-in-one, but equally lots of cheating! After we had worn ourselves out with too much ice cream, running around and sun (yes, the second sunny weekend in a row, and this time it was properly hot!), we went for curry at the Rajput. We weren’t too put off by the bullying waiters; “You don’t want a Rogan Josh, you can have that anywhere. You want a ……. (insert unidentifiable curry here)”, and it really was a good curry!

I'm actually starting to look pregnant.....

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