Monday, 9 June 2008

Abbey Crawling

After the sucess of our trip to Fountain's Abbey, this year we gave Mf an abbey crawl for her birthday! First we went to Byland Abbey, which was much better than we expected. Having walked past it a couple of times, we had it down as a sort of drive-by - just a quick one with some bits of stone to look at. We hadn't realised that there was quite so much left. In the end we decided that we could quite happily go around it once trying to work out what was what, then again with the book to "see the sights" and still find it fun to run around and play in it! We spent much longer than the 45min English Heritage recommended we needed, and then retired to the Abbey Inn for the fanciest toilets in any pub ever, a very fine steak sandwich and the finest coffee this side of the channel.

After lunch we continued to Rievaulx which accomodatingly emerged from the drizzle, did the whole thing again!

Two abbeys, pretty much no groccles, some spectacular scenery and just enough bleak isolation. Couldn't ask for more really....

Click on the image below to see some more of the photos.....
Abbey Crawling

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