Thursday, 10 December 2009


Nathaniel's newest game is spinning. He spins round and round and round until he is dizzy and falls over. Cue hysterical giggling, getting up, and trying again until he is so disorientated and tired that he falls over hard and hurts himself!

So, in case you can't wait another week or so until Christmas when most of you get to see him in the flesh somewhere or other, here is some Nathaniel-fodder. There is no excuse for three videos, but there were elements of each that I'd thought you'd like, so you get three hits today!

1. We have been spinning for some time now, so he's pretty tired, but still got enough energy for total craziness!

2. Move to another room and spin some more

3. Decide that its much easier if you spin against something to lean on!

Update: I keep crashing Blogger, so you'll have to wait for the other videos!

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