Friday, 4 December 2009

More Craftiness

In the absence of any shepherds costumes to have to make, I decided ages ago that I was going to make Esme (Rosie and Pete's daughter) a patchwork ball for her birthday. Having considered it suitably in advance, I had time to make Nathaniel a prototype which went down a storm - he cuddles it, throws it at things and rolls it along the back of his neck (I just don't know why!!!). Some people may recognise the shirt it is made up of - I have been hoarding it all this time!

Nathaniel's ball

And eventually, Esme's ball is finished! I'm rather pleased with it. Especially the initals (kudos to R & P for calling her EEK!) which I used a new embroidery stitch for without having practised it for months!

Esme's ball

How creative have I become?!!

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