Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Goodbye Leeds

I now officially no longer work for a large higher education institution in Leeds. I was going to say "leading", but hey, I don't work for them any more so I don't need to pretend!!

It's been an interesting 6 years. I have been pretty happy and enjoyed some rather entertaining opportunities, but my overriding memory is the shear frustration of working in the place! Here are some of my favourite scenes:

There are some pretty buildings:

Some look like US colleges (sorry, US colleges look like some of the buildings!):

There's also some less desirable architecture (hooray for concrete!):

Ah, the EC Stoner Building, home to europe's longest corridor.

The general gist is that every view is a mishmash of design and styles. I quite like it in a way:

One of the nice things about Leeds is that you can almost always see out:

Inside isn't too bad either:

Here is one of my favourite places where I have spent a crazy amount of time:

Here's my favourite nook, where no-one else goes: the canadian literature aisle. Home to a vast collection of early fiction and old exploration journals. How else would I have become such an expert on such important things such as the Palliser Expedition and the founding of the British Columbia towns of Hope and Princeton by the Allison family?! Thank you Canadian High Commission.

And what would I have done if it weren't for this place and the joys of bacon and brie or salmon with chilli sauce ciabattas?

Eventually I'll miss Leeds (a bit)!

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