Sunday, 20 June 2010


Today, there was a 5k race in York so we went along to cheer Mikey. He was more sure about it than this picture suggests:

"What have I done"

But he refused to go and join in the public humiliation of the group warm up:

Then they were off:

And we went to the playground.

"hol(d) ti(ght)!"

After a remarkably short time, people were crossing the finish line, so we went over to clap and cheer and take really flattering pictures of Mikey sprinting to the line:

But it was worth the face, because although he was a bit puffed:

he was a very happy bunny:

Mikey totally destroyed his personal best and got a crazily fast time! I'm not going say what it was because I'd probably get the seconds wrong, but it was fast!! Worthy of a sumptuous lunch in Victor J's. Which obviously where we went next!

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