Thursday, 3 February 2011


Poor Nathaniel doesn't get to watch television except for the occasional viewing of our DVD of Camberwick Green (we enjoy the anti-capitalism subliminal messages). So instead he has become very interested in listening to CDs. He got a CD player for Christmas, and has a selection of things to listen to ranging from Rupert Sings an Hour of Nursery Rhymes to Mozart's Requiem.

This morning, while I was pottering around, he sat on the floor and listened very carefully to the Little Red Train on a CD that came with the book. It's read by Richard Briars and has accompanying music with interesting modulations, so many repeats are fine by me! It's nice to see that although mostly Nathaniel has to run around at all times, he can sit still and concentrate if he finds something interesting enough.

I tried to get a picture of him being totally engrossed, but he noticed me putting the telephoto lens onto the camera and so that ended that game. Here he is listening (notice he has got out two CD players!), whilst absentmindedly poking his big toe through a CD:

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