Monday, 28 February 2011

General chaos

Last week was really rather easy. Yes, we had builders wandering through our house all day. Yes, our kitchen was a black hole (half of it was boarded up and the windows had been demolished), and rather chilly.

This week started by having to entirely empty our study (which equals a storage facility for boxes of things that haven't been opened since we moved, piles of bits of paper that ought to be filed, enough stationery supplies to put paperchase out of business, and videos dating from 1982). Then the fun really began.

Here is what the kitchen looked like the day the builders arrived:

Today it looks like this:

Our larder is here (dining room):

Our boiler is non-existent which means no hot water and no heating. The BBC forecasts tonight temperature as 0 degrees. Our oven is sitting under a dust sheet gathering dust nowhere near a gas supply. Irritatingly, our camping gas stove regulator packed in this evening, so here we are cooking our supper:

There are some surpisingly large holes in the side of our house!

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