Sunday, 22 May 2011

Busy busy wet and wndy wekend

This weekend we have been mostly been either at the sailng club or playing guitars...

Nathaniel has mainly been demanding to get out the "lectrical tars" and "plug in, make very loud noise" so we had to fit that in around all the sailing activities.

Saturday was the second day of the sailing course. Some of you may also have noticed that it was a little breezy. However, despite this we managed to get people out helming in the the morning, before the wind got too crazy. This year we seem to have four people who have taken to sailing rather well and so were managing to helm relatively competently despite the lively conditions.

When the afternoon arrived, the wind had got up though, so we opted for match racing with them taking it in turns to crew/watch from the comittee boat. They all enjoyed it immensly, even when in my enthusiam I snagged a tree during a tack, in a gust and very nearly increased my total number of GP14 capsizes to two! We managed to just rescue it though (I thought we were done for, having been sailing the RS200 recently which goes over a little more quickly!) but we retrieved it from near horizontal. Wetness was narrowly avoided. At least until we stepped back into the bathtub that was the boat when it came back up!

In the middle of all this, Tassy & Nathaniel had gone off to the Steiner Spring fair, where Tassy was singing with the Barberellas. Nathaniel ate much cake, did some good climbing on the climbing frame and bought many crafts. When the came to pick me up afterwards he was fast asleep in the car, clutching an exciting toy and covered in chocolate cake!

After we arrived home and he'd woken up, we then had to indulge N in the loud guitars he'd been asking for all day. He's never seen or heard them plugged in before so he wasn't sure at first how loud it was going to be...


But then once it started he got much more interested (though much of the interest was derived from the fan in the back of the bass amp...)

On Sunday, we were down for being OD at the sailing club. On arrival however, we found a fine selection of people who were fully intent on going nowhere near the river in a boat in a steady 20mph gusting 39mph. There were also some of us who were less sensible. The morning looked largely like this..

and this...

and this....

though (at least sometimes) like this...

This is my particular favourite, due to the shape of my boom.....(!)

Nathaniel ran the racing from the rescue boat (which was actually never required) and was particularly pleased when I capsized right next to it then got my mast stuck underneath it. When I say "ran the racing" I actually meant "wash the flags in the river and then eat them..."


Nathaniel also got to ride around in the rescue boat, which he enjoys greatly.

So when we'd finished doing this:

we headed back to the house (N promptly fell asleep minutes after setting off). Feeling slightly sleepy, but having planned to go to "wee folk" at 3pm (a folk session which is highly child/baby friendly, organised by some of our more crazy acquanitences in a very fine pub) we decided to revitalise ourselves and sit in the warm sun in the car on th driveway drinking tea whilst N slept.

We then swapped smelly wetsuits for guitars, violins and recorders and headed off for a warm pint, a portion of chips and some singing. Nathaniel enjoyed this also, but was absolutely exhausted by the end (as were we) so we all came home to supper and then bed, all refreshed ready to start the week....(!!)

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