Thursday, 19 May 2011


The other day, Nathaniel declared that he wasn't going to wear nappies, and that he needed some pants. Preferably red ones. He actually doesn't own any, so today we went on a expedition to the pant shop to buy some.

There's quite a staggering choice of pants, even in our little M&S, and I was quite pleased that Nathaniel decided early on that the pink ones with frills were not for him. He's rather fond of pink, and although I am happy for him to have what ever standard issue M&S pants he wants, there was something about the pink frills that I'd rather avoid.

Fortunately, he then spotted a pack with cars, fire engines and buses, and after that, looking at any others was completely unecessary.

Have we seen the back of our beloved Wonderoos and BumGenius? I shouldn't hold your breath....

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