Monday, 28 May 2012


As the weather suddenly realised that it should be summer, we decided to go camping and make the most of it. we spent some time finding a new campsite in the hope of not having to camp in a field with hedges round it that feels like someone's garden. We thought that we had ht the jackpot with Willow Garth which looked like it was in a wood, but when we got there we discovered that the wood was in fact Dagobahian!

However, our camping spot in the orchard was pretty ace:

We set up camp and got everyone acclimatised to their new sleeping quarters. Dorothea was highly pleased!

Supper was taken amongst the daisies and Dorothea had her first taste of melon which she was incredibly impressed with.

She ate and ate and ate and ate, and I had pretty much got Nathaniel ready for bed when we decided that she had got too tired to wrestle with it any more and declared supper over.

Everyone slept well and after waking up at 7:30, everyone was jolly!

We decided to spend the morning at a stream on the moors just outside Hutton-le-Hole and due to an early start, we had the place to ourselves for playing the the stream (Nathaniel), climbing hills (everyone), reading books (Tassy) and napping (Dorothea).

Then to Helmsley for a tasty lunch of fish and chips from the second best fish and chip shop in the country in a deserted and sunny church yard. Everyone was then rather sleepy so we headed back to the campsite and hung out there for the rest of the afternoon. It was hot with very little breeze so we were very thankful for the cool bell tent!


Next day, Nathaniel sucessfully negotiated a return to the stream, but actually spent the whole time scooty biking through the heather. I discovered a fine swimming hole (to be returned to when everyone is a bit bigger) and we had a very tasty lunch in a purpose built tent.

Roll on some more good weather!

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