Thursday, 24 May 2012

The park

Its been a beautiful day. Perfect for a trip to the park. We joined the other children for the Very Young Friends of West Bank Park to paint old cardboard boxes and decorate them with flowers (and grass and dead leaves!) before using them as tunnels. Well I did. Thea slept. Nathaniel and his friend J spent the whole time running around and comparing their bikes the way that 18 year olds compare cars; J: "Mine has 'tab-lizers" N: "I don't have little wheels - I've got a big boy's pedal bike. I have two brakes" J: "Can I have a go on your brakes?" Everyone else went home and Thea woke up and watched Nathaniel and I climb trees.
Then we went to the playground and Nathaniel rode his bike:
And Dorothea had her first swing.
I imagine we'll be doing more of that!

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