Saturday, 11 August 2012

A very ordinary picnic

It wasn't forecast to be a particulary sunny day, but it seemed like a good day for a picnic, so we packed ourselves into trailers and headed down the solar system.

First, an obligatory stop at the bumps by the sun for some wizzing;

and some scooting;

and some watching;

Then we scoured the sides of the cycle path for an area where dogs hadn't been allowed to make their presence known, and ended up sitting on the bridge where we ate, trying to persuade the kids to stay sitting down and not stray into the paths of the bikes that were constantly zooming past.

Then to a playground that we'd never visited before, an ice cream, and swinging;

and playing in the sand.

It wasn't a new or exciting adventure, but it was exactly what the day called for.

NB. You may wonder what on earth Nathaniel is wearing! Someone gave us a Bob the Builder dressing up outfit, complete with a hard hat, and Nathaniel has just discovered it. He doesn't really know who Bob the Builder is (though he sings the song at nursery), but he does know that he likes the outfit. He tells me that it is his fire engine outfit. Go figure......


mf said...

Um. Millets now has Tractor Ted plates and mugs. And pencil tins. Do these come under the same heading as the forbidden Tank Engine collateral?

tassy said...

Yeah - I think so. Tractor Ted is hardly a beautifully drawn creation. I think their forte is in the close up shots of real tractor engines!